About Me

Hello, my name is Ken and I live in the Salem, Oregon area. I have dabbled in computer programming for over 30 years, starting with the BASIC programming language on TRS-80 and Commodore 64/VIC-20 machines in the late 1970's and early '80s. I have a broad range of experience outside the programming arena as well but am currently working on advancing my programming skills at Treehouse, working on personal projects, and freelance website development.

The programming languages with which I am most familiar are: Python, Java, HTML, CSS/Sass, Javascript (jQuery, AJAX, Node.js (Express, MongoDB)), Java, Python (Flask), and version control utilities.

I enjoy passing my knowledge on to others and as a result of my various work experiences I have gained strengths in leadership, communication, management, budgeting, to name a few.

In additon to my web development skills, I was a licensed, bonded, and insured Contruction Contractor (CCB#179532) in the State of Oregon for over 10 years specializing in home repairs and remodeling and really enjoyed doing tile and wood work. I am also a licensed and bonded Oregon Notary Public (Commission Number 957809, exp. 21 January 2021).